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Relish Repas…A Culinary Journey

Relish Repas


Hello reader 🙂 Here is all about RelishRepas….

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Ever since I started my blog, many of my friends have told me that they always wanted to blog. After discussing further, I found out that they were talking about all the topics which are of my interest too. This gave me an idea to start a blog, where all of us could share our own thoughts, in our own unique way. Thus I started asking all my friends and surprisingly, many of them readily agreed to be a part of this blog.

Most of our topics revolve around food, travel, fashion and of course our routine sometimes…not to bore the readers. Most of us are writing for our first time and need to learn a lot about blogging.

All our writers do not know each other too! That is the greatest thing…that we are working together in-spite of knowing one another. We hope to meet sometime soon. We are an open blog, as in anyone who wants to write for us can do so by contacting us. We wish more writers join our blog and we are able to learn from others. Keep reading:) Thank you all!😀

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