Discussion 11

– How has digital technology changed the role of photography in the society?

DIgital photography has made it easy to create photographs, share photographs and manipulate photographs as well. Before the introduction of digital photography, photographers would spend hours in the darkroom to edit their photographs to their content. But digital technology has completely changed that. Now anyone can click and edit photographs. Due to digital technology, now photography is not considered as an art form that it used to be. Though this is not true, anyone can click pictures which look very professional by digitally manipulating them.

Digital technology also enables information to be spread at a fast pace. The society is well aware of the current happening in the world due to social media. No one wants to wait to read the newspaper which has news that is a day old. The role of photography has changed drastically due to the introduction of digital technology.

– What has been the impact of digital photography on journalism?

Digital photography along with social media have made journalism faster than it used to be.Now all the journalism companies and agencies have to be very quick about getting a new piece of news on social media. They do not have the luxury of time, otherwise, someone else will publish the news first.

– What about fake photographs and fake news? Users of social media do not follow any codes of ethics. How will news media protect the audience from fake photos and fake news? Can/should they do this?

Manipulation of any kind, whether manually done in the darkroom or digitally using any tools like Photoshop, is not permitted in the photojournalistic rules and ethics. There are many photographers who do not follow this rule. This results in false information being spread in the society. Fake news can create tension and distress among the people.

When users of social media do not follow any codes of ethics, people are shown two different stories. This creates confusion and some people tend to follow the news that they would like to believe in. This is not always the truth and when they go on to share this news on the social media, more people are faced with the same situation.

The news media should not create fake photographs and fake news. They are responsible for conveying the truth and not hide anything from the public. They must follow all the codes of ethics.