Discussion 7

Compare the work of Alexander Rodchenko, Peter Kennard and John Heartfield and elaborate: What are the differences and similarities?

Alexander Rodchenko was an artist, painter and sculptor before becoming a photographer. Later he focused on graphic design and photography. His photographic work is one of the most unique of his time of photographers. He started shooting people and things from angles that were different. This approach of his created images which people had not seen before. They were seeing the same subjects but from a new, unseen perspective. Later he devoted most of his time to propaganda photojournalism and his images were published in various magazines in Russia.  

Peter Kennard was a painter and he later turned to photomontage to document his political views, from the anti- Vietnam War movement. His images are very creative and some of them made me smile due to the accurate display of some ideas and facts. I especially liked the image where he is depicting poverty by showing coins on the plate, in place of food. Peter Kennard’s images are very different from Alexander Rodchenko’s images because Kennard uses imagination to manipulate his images while Rodchenko used to capture the reality as seen by the eyes.

John Heartfield was the pioneer of photomontage and he started using this art form to portray the reality of politics during the years of World War II in Germany. He was the first to manipulate photographs in the absence of Photoshop. He is well-known for his manipulation efforts because he had to edit those images by hand, in the darkroom. John Heartfield’s photographs are similar to Peter Kennard’s photographs because they both used photomontage to document the events in their present which are now a part of world history. Their images might look different because of the difference in technology in both their lifetimes, but the main idea remains the same.

– Do you think they had an impact on the society and created changes? Can photography and photographers achieve something like that?

Yes, I think they had an impact on the society and they created changes because all the three photographers documented a different perspective of the life that everyone was living around them. This allowed people to see the political perspectives of artists and photographers. Their images are liked even today because it allows people to see some rare pictures which are different than the usual historic images.

I feel photographers can achieve something like that because we have new technology that is constantly evolving. There are plenty of people who are creative and want to show their new thought process to the world. So I think that photography can definitely achieve something like this.

Eric Trucker is not a professional photographer or painter. Can the images he posted on Twitter have an impact on the society? Did they create any change?

Eric Tucker believes in creating compelling images with a touch of humour. He also captures people in their surrounding but in an unseen fashion. His images provoke thought and are accurately titled. They are very creative and they do create change by making people see the world in a new angle.


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