Some classes are more challenging than others. This is an unforgettable experience of one menu which turned out better in plating and taste in comparison to some previous menus.

The first dish was a goat’s cheese and caramelized onion tart, garnished with mache lettuce, chives, frisee lettuce drizzled with Champagne vinaigrette. The dish was easier to make than it seems like. The warm tart with the creamy, melting cheese oozing out as soon as a knife cut through it, made me think of diving into a pool of melted cheese. The tart complimented well with the frisee lettuce salad which was very delicate and had subtle flavors of the Champagne vinaigrette.


The other dish was a steak tartare with gaufrette potatoes, a poached quail egg, capers and shallots. It was very crucial to make each component of this dish just minutes before presenting. If not, the gaufrette potatoes which are deep fried would not be as crisp as they should be, the poached quail egg would become cold and the raw meat would start breaking down and would lose the fresh pink colour which makes the dish look better. The textures of each ingredient in this dish are very different from each other and a lot of care was taken to ensure that the quail egg was poached to preserve it’s runny yolk. Freshly deep-fried gaufrette potatoes added a crisp touch to the dish like being on a beach during summer and the aroma of sand. The salad was prepared just at the final moment of presenting the dish to ensure that all the leaves look as if they were freshly harvested for this salad.

I relished all the dishes after they were prepared and noted any things which I would change the next time I planned to cook these recipes. The more challenging a class gets in terms of the execution of every technique, the more number of errors and mishaps would occur. But each with its own lesson which teaches you a lot more than you would learn without making that mistake.