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Fritters everybody’s favourite snack, some call it junk and some call it healthy but one thing that everybody agrees upon is that how these chips makes all our mouth water. In India one can find number of chips varying from region to region. If in north potato chips, tapioca sago fritters are famous then in south banana chips, tapioca chips are loved by all.

Fritters in south India are mostly fried in oil whereas in north sunflower oil or vegetable oil is used. Fritters can either be savoury or sweet. Living in south I came across various variety of fritters and one of them and now my favourite is jackfruit fritters. Thin strips of of jackfruit are sundried and deep fried until crisp. Later homemade spice mix is added to give it extra flavour. Mostly its spicy, so for all those who can’t bear spice I wouldn’t recommend this as a snack but yes all of you must try it.