Our college, the Department of Culinary Arts took part in Cometz’17 which is was a national competition held by Sri Krishna College of Arts and Science in Coimbatore. The competition consisted of various culinary arts and hotel management events.

Tushar and I took part in menu planning and restaurant layout competition. Both of us were new to this topic and we had to practice a lot for this event. After a lot of brain storming and seeking help from our faculty, we were able to perform well in the event for which we won the 1st place 🙂 

Paper presentation was the second competition in which I took part. The topic for our paper presentation was ‘personal grooming towards professional grooming’. Danielle and I first made a word document of the research paper. img_5487

We then had to make a power point presentation which was to be presented on the day of competition. For the presentation I clicked pictures in our college ‘Department of Culinary Arts’ with the help of Urvi, Tushar, Shruti, Sanjana, Suman, Madhavi and Ekansh.

It was the most challenging competition as we had to submit all of it in two days. It was a great experience! 🙂

Group dance was the next competition. As none of us in our group were dancers it was a real challenge to come up with a group dance! We then decided to perform the regional dance of Asia ‘tiger dance’. 

Our theme was ‘save the tiger’ and we enacted a small dance and skit. Just relieved that all went well! Below is the video of our dance.


The quiz was a team event with questions of hotel management, culinary arts and general knowledge. The quiz consisted of three rounds and since there was a tie in marks with another team, there was a tie-breaker round as well. Varun and I were a great team and we won the 2nd place!  😀

The trip to and from Coimbatore were as memorable as the competition. All of us will definitely cherish this experience forever 🙂