This episode is not like the rest of our videos. For this video we had temple food in Udupi Shri Krishna Matt. It was a very different experience and it is explained below.


When we reached Shri Krishna Matt, there was a very long queue outside the temple. Surprisingly it was managed very efficiently and all the people were made to sit in a huge hall for lunch. The meal was to be served in stainless steel plates which were given to everyone seated in the dining hall.


Then came the first dish which was a large piece of a sweet which is offered to God. It had flavours of coconut and cardamom. It was extremely sweet and loaded with clarified butter.



img_1278We had to wait for a lot of time till we were served the main dish. It consisted of steamed rice with rasam which is a very thin lentil preparation made with split Bengal gram, tamarind, drumstick and any other seasonal vegetables like squashes. It is then tempered with curry leaves and flavoured with fresh coriander leaves. They served a lot of this and we were almost full, when came the next two dishes. This consisted of a second round of steamed rice with sambar. Sambar is a thick preparation of split red gram with a variety of vegetables like pumpkin, drumsticks, tomatoes, squashes and flavoured with tamarind and then tempered with curry leaves.

Then water was served after which the sweet preparation called payasam made of broken rice and wheat with jaggery was served in the same dish. Whether or not you completed eating the previous dish didn’t matter….it was still served to you.img_1287

If this is not enough, in the next few minutes buttermilk is served in the same dish..of course! The buttermilk is flavoured with ginger and is tasty provided it is had separately. This is how your plate looks with all the dishes in it at the same time.