There are so many new things to learn and getting to work with liquid nitrogen just made that more pronounced. This was the first time we were going to work with liquid nitrogen. So we first got to understand the whats’ and hows’ of liquid nitrogen from our science of cooking professor Dr. Prabhakar Sastri. 

Liquid nitrogen is derived from the distillation of liquefied air. It has a temperature of -196 degree Celsius, which can instantly freeze almost anything. Due to this reason, it is dangerous if not handled carefully.

In the video , you can see all the three bell peppers being frozen because of the liquid nitrogen. After freezing, we left some pieces as it is to see what changes occur. While the other bell peppers were ground to a coarse powder. Similarly we made powders of mint, hibiscus flower and lemon.

This is an instant muskmelon ice- candy, our best try to beat the heat!


Can’t wait to work with liquid nitrogen again. Another blog coming shortly…keep reading 😊